Rubber fitness gym flooring 4 by 6 mats

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When creating your family's home gym, one thing that often gets overlooked or not thoroughly considered is the flooring

When creating your family's home gym, one thing that often gets overlooked or not thoroughly considered is the flooring. Here is the top choice of most cost-conscious athletes. DIY We have them NOW in NJ 08822, PA 18938 and 2 other locations. See bottom for pricing. These are not Tractor Supply or Rogue. Our seams appear seamless when down and are even in thickness. (See pics)

Product Details: Our AA mats are constructed of clean, 100 percent, recycled rubber. you can see AA marked through the factory sealed shrink wrap. (pic) Our mats construction is vulcanized, antimicrobial, waterproof indoors or out. Each mat removes +/- 6.5 end use waste tires from our environment. There are no overwhelming, everlasting rubber odors (low to no); no hidden contaminants, filling agents or dry crumbling apart (as occurs with seconds or B mats with off gassing that may never fade.) Our No Hussle NOBULL 4 X 6 X 3/4 nominal mats surface is slight and non-oriented, meaning any side can fit on any adjacent side and blend together. Our mats are easy to clean with a light damp moping, or leaf blower.

 If you need volume, 25 or more mats a for a large space or for resale we are willing to negotiate!

Delivery Options to ground: If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with our AA first run mats upon a on truck inspection, you may refuse delivery with no questions! We are a customer focused company and will accommodate your availability for delivery with a one-hour delivery window. Drivers are fully vetted for you and your familys safety. Most deliveries range from $50 to $100. We come with experience to you, incorporated 1986

Installation Process: Our mats are specially cut to assemble easily and fit together seamlessly in any direction. They may be trimmed easily to fit your floor dimensions. No glue / taping mess /extreme flooring preparation cost or permanent installation required. One to 25 mats $75 each, 25 or more (a full wrapped pallet+) call with your location for discount.

 We take pride in our Google 4.8 rating. Look for theirs. Our rating reflects unsolicited customer satisfaction and our established, legitimate business.

Customer Satisfaction: Visit , for our latest satisfied customers new installation videos of our AA mats in action.

Payment: We accept Zelle and COD only upon your delivery approval.

Contact Info: FB IM HomeGymDR, or email to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., 908-323-3119 txt to start an

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