Android box. Sports ppvs movies Kodi IPTV 4gig Ram 32gig Rom

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Always ask what version of Android operating system a box has before buying

Always ask what version of Android operating system a box has before buying. Anything below Android 10 and you're throwing away your hard earned money. Android newest box, dual wifi 2 gig 16 gig Bluetooth Live TV streaming available please message me for details. IPTV Wow over 16000 views! Thanks Edmonton Don't miss a game!

BE CAREFUL OF THE ANDROID BOXES RUNNING ANDROID 10 OR LOWER READ THIS FIRST!! If you want the best programming in Edmonton, then buy from me. There are a lot of poorly programmed boxes out there so be careful. Just in a fantastic new Android box. Small but powerful. The other Android boxes on Kijiji have poorly programmed software and most of the programs do not work. These boxes have the best working software. NFL available and access to sports live and on demand. Don't miss a game! Live TV If you're looking for an Android box please be careful of what you buy. Whether you choose to buy from me or someone else please do your research. If a seller prices the box too cheaply, there's likely a reason for it. You truly get what you pay for in life. So don't let a small amount of money ruin what could be an awesome Android box experience. There are many different types of boxes available but ultimately what it comes down to is how the box is programmed. Media centers like Kodi may have started it all but there are new and improved ways to get everything Kody media center has but in a more simple and user friendly way. Kodi media center is still a great program but there is new android box programming that is the future. Please be careful of Android boxes that may have adware or unsecure programs. You will never, ever have to sign in or pay for any unwanted services. No passwords, no tricks, just an awesome experience. Everything works right from the start. Most of the boxes you'll find on Kijiji have been programmed right from China and shipped that way. That's why they sell them at a lower price. Also most of these boxes are 'knock offs'. I've purchased these boxes just to bench test them and I found that many of them just do not function properly because of the current programming they have. Also the fact that many of these boxes are branded as one thing but when I've looked at the specifications many of these Android Boxes are something completely different. So please do your research. These are solid boxes. They have a high-quality processor which is more than sufficient to run the programs that are on it. The price is based on the quality of the programming and not just the type of Android Box. Not only will you get media center but you will get great programs for watching movies, TV, Sports 30 Day EXCHANGE WARRANTY on hardware Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Bollywood, Portuguese, Italian, Russian etc. I also include with every box a detailed written instruction for how to use every feature of the Android box. I find most people cannot remember all of the information that is shown to them in a demo and having it all written down makes it much easier to learn how to operate. 30 mbps speed recommended. I do not have any affiliation to any of the programs that are existing on the box. I have several boxes that are programmed and ready to go! At an additional cost delivery can be arranged see below: NE Edmonton $25 NW Edmonton $30 SW Edmonton $40 SE Edmonton $40

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by calling me at 780-900-2502. This is a messaging service so I'll get your message quickly or you can text me at 780-904-4534

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